Illustration Management Approaches

(1) I used to use AskSam in Windows – which was good, but required a lot of time indexing and I’d rather not have to do that, and now I’m using a Mac there are the obvious disadvantages of using Windows software, even though Parallels is pretty good at it
(2) I have also tried Bento, but found it very limiting
(3) I have heard some people talking about using WordPress itself, but I don’t think it would handle very large searches
(4) A lot people just use Word or other documents, with Spotlight that is becoming more and more useful , but I fear that the filespace would be a bit large
(5) I looked into Circus Ponies, but found it a bit limited
(6) My Bible software is Libronix, and I understand that you can set up your own books in it but it didn’t seem to be powerful enough


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