Mobile Phone & Cell Phone Security

Here are some tips I have picked up:

  • Delete things you don’t need, and definitely delete SMS spam.
  • Deleting data (messages, photos, notes, location information) doesn’t remove it completely. Apparently there is software which can ‘zero fill’ your SIM and phone.
  • Just don’t keep that info on there..
  • Use the password/PIN protection
  • Setup other security options (including options to locate your phone, and to delete data)
  • Consider a phone with fingerprint recognition – yes they exist now!
  • Location tracking – even if the phone doesn’t have GPS, there are apparently techniques which can track where you are (‘cell site analysis’ is one of these, and I gather that it is very accurate) …some might say that this is another reason to turn your phone off most of the time …not quite sure about that

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