Tim Norman | Aug 8 2008

Welcome to Mac Pastor, Tim Norman’s website about things which might help make him a better pastor. Now there are obvious things like being a better person, and praying more …but this site is mainly about things which help make life as a person and as a pastor better and more fruitful

About Tim Norman
Tim Norman is a pastor in an English-speaking church in Versailles, France.

Tim’s background is in Chemical research – making materials which might one day make computers faster. Tim has a particular interest in the interaction between science, philosophy and religion.

Recently Tim has been learning a lot from friends in the business world, and from various approaches to time and energy management which help people focus more on what really matters.


2 Responses to About

  1. Jeff Long says:

    Hi Tim. I don’t remember if we have spoke before. I don’t remember how I came across your blog. Possibly you replied to something on mine. I’ve written a bit here and there about devonthink.

    I am working with a pastor-friend who is trying to come up with a good system for sermon illustrations. Devonthink is his main tool, so I think he’s assumed it is the best. I was going to help him work on filing them there. But then I got to thinking, maybe we are making the job harder by using Devonthink. Maybe there is a better tool.

    What do you use for cataloging sermon illustrations? Do you know of three other options besides the one you use that could be tailor fit to illustrations?

    Thanks for your time.

    • livingroomnet says:

      Hi Jeff
      This is a very interesting area for me, especially with Devonthink about to add tags.

      At present, I’m planning to use Devonthink, but here are some other possibilities:
      (1) I used to use AskSam in Windows – which was good, but required a lot of time indexing and I’d rather not have to do that
      (2) I have also tried Bento, but found it very limiting
      (3) I have heard some people talking about using WordPress itself, but I don’t think it would handle very large searches
      (4) A lot people just use Word or other documents, with Spotlight that is becoming more and more useful , but I fear that the filespace would be a bit large
      (5) I looked into Circus Ponies, but found it a bit limited
      (6) My Bible software is Libronix, and I understand that you can set up your own books in it but it didn’t seem to be powerful enough

      So, I’m with Devonthink for the moment but I keep looking back at my old AskSam database until I’ve got Devonthink working well.

      More to follow soon – this could be a really fruitful discussion for us all. I’m going to pick it up on https://macpastor.wordpress.com/webchurch/illustration-management/ – do dialogue there, and anyone else as well


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