Email Under Control – Less Email

Get less email
(1) Don’t subscribe to anything you don’t need
(2) Unsubsuscribe from anything you don’t need – you can always subscribe again, if needed
(3) Email subscriptions you need to receive – can anything come as a daily, weekly or monthly digest?
(4) Spam [‘Junk’ Email] – you need a good spam filter, and never respond to spam [or you will receive a whole load more]
(5) Email from people – the ‘real’ stuff – we’ll look at processing email in a moment

Keep less email
Do you really need to keep it?
If not, then delete it.
If you do then just put it into one big “Archive” folder [I found it hard to be torn away from the sophisticated folder system I had devised]
Finding Email is not difficult with modern email clients like Gmail,, and Windows’ Google desktop search.


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