Email Under Control – Folders

These are the folders that help me keep email under control…
…Something Very Simple so I don’t have to make lots of choices.
…Folder Numbers Force The Viewing Order I Find Helpful
…Folder Names have Explanationsto keep me focussed

01 – Archive – For Future Reference
02 – Daily Pending – By End of Day
03 – Respond To – Within 7 Days

09 – Current Action
In ‘Current Action’ I Have Subfolders for a Few Current Projects

09 – Personal
I Find this helpful to separate work/personal email

09 – To Clear
‘To Clear’ is for all those emails which I know I will be able to delete, but am not yet sure about deleting . On Mondays during a quite moment, I delete those I am sure about deleting. [You could call this my ‘coward’ folder]

09 – Work – Non-urgent
This is for newsletters etc which don’t need action by the end of the week. I schedule time each week to process these emails.


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