Bible Study …Can A Computer Really Help?

There is nothing to compare with sitting down with a Bible, and asking God to help you understand it …sometimes with the help of a commentary or devotional notes.

More and more people seem to be finding that computers really can help – here are the two main advantages I have found:

(1) Every resource I have is to hand and indexed when I open a particular Bible passage – no walking around thinking ‘now where did I read that…..?’

(2) The resources are with me all the time, wherever I go with my computer

Years ago I had a Windows PC, and at that point there was a program called ‘Logos’. This has gone through various updates, and I have stuck with it. I am currently running it on my mac using Parallels to run Windows XP, but I am really looking forward to the upcoming Mac version of Logos


One Response to Bible Study …Can A Computer Really Help?

  1. We can’t wait for the Mac release too! The wait is killing us, and so many people are giving us good natured jabbing that we decided to make fun of ourselves too. Is that so wrong? 🙂

    Check out the new Mac Alpha banners for people to grab for their sites:

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